About Us

TTT Nutrition was established by Tyrel Jade Ekermans in 2008, Tyrel has been in the industry for over 15 years now working for top international  supplement companies. In 2008 Tyrel decided to branch off by himself and start his own supplement stores as he saw that many retail stores were there to move brands which store managers made them sell instead of helping the clients needs. TTT Nutrition has currently three stores opened now with many more to come.






At TTT Nutriton all our staff are qualified and are competitive athletes in body building down to power lifting, so we can offer top advice.

Our passion for health and fitness is unrivaled.  This passion has made us appreciate the dynamic and complex perceptions people have of nutrition, supplements and training.

Our personal experience has shaped our goal – to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and inevitably get you the body you want!